Welcome to the EGI IGTF liaison repository. This pre-production repository is the source of the EGI and related trust anchor distributions, from which they get mirrored to the officially endorsed EGI Software repository at repository.egi.eu.

This service is not intended for end-users or resource providers, since it may contain non-validated trust anchors or distributions that have not gone through the managed staged roll-out release process. The source of the staged roll-out process is here:

and is also available via rsync at rsync://egi-igtf.ndpf.info/egi-igtf/.

The release process for trust anchors into EGI is managed according to the EGI IGTF Release Process PROC05 at https://confluence.egi.eu/display/EGIPP/PROC05+IGTF+Release+Process.

This repository will, hopefully, be a valuable source for NGIs that re-package their own trust-anchor distribution, as intended in the mid-term and foreseen in the EGI-InSPIRE proposal for TSA1.2, or who already today want to provide additional (or fewer) trust anchors than the EGI core package. Also, it is - at least for the time being - the source of the LCG CA meta-packages (ca-policy-lcg, and the historic lcg-CA package).

NGIs are encouraged to build their own distributions, especially if non-RPM based formats are desired. The upstream IGTF distribution, shipped by via the EUGridPMA and APGridPMA distribution mirrors, contains the same (and a few more) trust anchors in alternative formats, such a Java key stores, tar-balls, software installation bundles ("configure && make && make install"), as well as pre-installed files in plain tar-balls.
Download the full IGTF distribution from

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