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European Grid Infrastructure EGI Trust Anchor release 1.113         2021.10.04

   For release DOCUMENTATION available on this EGI Trust Anchor release see   

This is the EGI Trust Anchor release, based on the updated IGTF Accredited CA
distribution version 1.113-1 with the specific DOGWOOD CA in
meta-package "ca-policy-egi-combined-adequacy-model-1.113-1"
that supports the model of joint assurance provision as detailed in the
EGI Policy on Acceptable Authentication Assurance.

The following notices are republished from the IGTF, inasfar as pertinent to
this release. Details are found in the newsletter

Changes from 1.112 to 1.113
(4 October 2021)

* Suspended MD-GRID CA due to network resolution issues (MD)

The CA modifications encoded in both "requires" and "obsoletes" clauses (RPM)
and Conflicts/Replaced clauses (Debian)  have been incorporated in the above-
mentioned meta-packages.  This release is best enjoyed with  fetch-crl v3  or 
better, available from GNU/Linux OS add-on repositories Fedora, EPEL, Debian,
and from the IGTF at

   This release contains a new "cam" (combined assurance/adequacy) package 
   based on the approved policy on differentiated assurance. See details on
   the EGI Wiki at
   you must ONLY install the new ca-policy-egi-cam packages if you ALSO
   at the same time implement VO-specific authorization controls in your
   software stack. This may require reconfiguration or a software update. See
   just only install or update the regular ca-policy-egi-core package. There 
   are no changes in this case. The ca-policy-egi-core package is approved for
   all VOs membership and assurance models. No configuration change is needed.

Policy on Acceptable Authentication Assurance (Updated 1 Feb 2017)
If a VO registration service or e-Infrastructure registration service is
accredited by EGI to meet the approved authentication assurance, an IGTF 
"DOGWOOD" accredited Authority - used solely in combination with said 
registration service - is also adequate for user authentication. See 
the policy at for details.
This additional restriction policy must be implemented by each service 
in the authorization software. The "combined assurance" model package MUST NOT 
be installed unless the additional authorization is in place. You will need 
to reconfigure and may need to install upgrades.

Version information: ca-policy-egi-combined-adequacy-model = 1.113-1