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Experimental Debian APT distribution fo the EGI Trust Anchors

Welcome to the experimental Debian/APT distibution area of the EGI trust
anchors. Although care has been taken to ensure that this distribution is
installable and complete, no guarantees are given, but you are invited to
report your issues through GGUS. You may have to wait for a subsequent 
release of the Trust Anchor release to solve your issue, or may be asked to 
use a temporary repository.

Using the distribution
1. Install the EUGridPMA PGP key for apt:
    wget -q -O - \ \
      | apt-key add -

   Some time (end of 2023, or in 2024), this key will change. The new key 
   (number 4) is already available from
2. Add the following line to your sources.list file for APT:

 #### EGI Trust Anchor Distribution ####
 # deb egi-igtf core
 deb egi-igtf core

   (the commented-out line should be used by the alpha testing community)

3. Populate the cache and install the meta-package

    apt-get update
    apt-get install ca-policy-egi-core